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HRW-SE Series

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HRW-SE Series / Wide Platen Series
Products’ Features (Thermoplastic plastic)

New Generation Clamping Unit
1.The H-Axis of space between Tie Bar upgrade one level than our HC series.
2.Linear Guide Rail for Movable Platen. It could let the platens maintain parallel and prevent the Movable Platen tilted by mold (below HRW-380).
3.The Movable Platen does not touch Tie Bar.There are not abrasion problem between them and there are not problem of oil pollution at mold area.
4.Superior outward bending toggle for longer opening stroke and Movable Platen decrease deformation.

Improved Performance Injection Unit
1.Increase injection speed than our HC series.
2.Superior four cylinder injection system could suitable for all kinds of injection adjustment.
3.Increase feeding rotation speed for shorten the cycle time.
4.Digitized show the system pressure, injection pressure, back pressure and so on.
5.Choice Directional Proportion Valve for injection system could increase the precision of injection.

Air Type Hydraulic Cooler (optional)
1.Cooling Tower or Chiller are not required for oil temperature cooling.
2.Easy to clean without limescale problems.
3.Applicable to below 40℃ of indoor temperature.

Semicircle Structure Of Toggle
1.Coaxial machining on those Platen, Holes of Toggle Pin and Tie Bar conducting increase great precision.
2.Toggle Pins are fixed by screws. It makes assembly easier and faster.

Quality Proven Control Circuit
1.Adopts microcomputer control system for special purpose provides accuracy and stability.
2.Mold data could be saved to USB Flash Driver.
3.PID temperature control module assures maximum stability and accuracy.
4.Equipped with Position Transducers precisely satisfy various requirements.
5.Can be expanded online function with A personal computer in order to reach the management of injection molding data for each machine. (optional)

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