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TB Series

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TB Series Thermosetting Injection Molding Machine
Products’ features

Easy Operational And Clear CRT Operation Panel
1.Dust protective touch button makes interface between operator and machine more friendly.
2.Icon panel and digital displaying makes operating and data setting more clearly easily.
3.Input / Output status monitor and failure display made maintenance more easily.

Accurately-Controlled Multistage Temperature Display Heating Tube
1.With thermic oil being heated in several stages and cooling system. It can control temperature accurately.
2.This device guarantees that thermosetting plastics will not harden before molded and produces stable products rapidly.

Built-In Lubrication Apertures
1.Free outside piping and easy to be maintained

The Newest And Special Purpose Microcomputer Control System
1.The newest microcomputer makes more efficiency and reliability in performance.
2.Several hundreds molding data can be saved .
3.PID temperature controller has been installed in microcomputer.
4.More differential moulding status can be satisfied precisely.

Precise And Stable Thermo Controller
1.High precision thermo controller makes mold temperature control to be more accurately and stable.
2.Digital displaying of every stage of barrel temperature.

Semicircle Structure of Toggle
1.Coaxial machining on those Platen, Holes of Toggle Pin and Tie Bar conducting increase great precision
2.Toggle Pins are fixed by screws. It makes assembly easier and faster.

High Anti-Corrosion And Anti-Wear Bimetallic Barrel
1.Bimetallic Barrel suits the materials with properties of corrosion and wear. It extends the operation life of machines.

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