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HCW-CL Series

Download: 「HCW-CL Series / Wide Platen & Hydraulic Piston Clamping & Servo Pump System」

HCW-CL Series / Wide Platen & Hydraulic Piston Clamping & Servo Pump System
Products’features (Thermoplastic plastic)

Hydraulic Piston Clamping Unit
1.For installing wider mold in bigger horizontal dimension (H) of space between Tie Bar.
2.The opening stroke is 15% more than Toggle Clamping Unit.
3.Four high-rigidity Rods of clamping are used to transmit clamping force evenly and in order to reduce the deformation of Platen effectively.

High Efficiency Injection Unit
1.Superior Four-Cylinder Injection System which apply to various injection condition.
2.Superior Hydraulic System to provide stable injection procedure.
3.Improve the precision of injection with Directional Proportion Valve (optional).
4.In order to shorten produce cycle time, clients can select Electric Motor for feeding (optional).

Quality Proven Control System
1.Adopts the newest Touchscreen with Microcomputer Control System for accuracy and stability.
2.Several hundreds molding data can be saved.
3.PID Temperature Control Module assures maximum stability and accuracy.
4.Equipped with reputable Transducer in order to achieve various requirement of injection molding precisely. Expandable computer connection function in order to achieve management of injection molding data from each machine.

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