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HC-SE Series

Download: 「HC-SE Series / Energy-Saving Servo Pump Series 」

HC-SE Series / Energy-Saving Servo Pump Series
Products’ Features (Thermoplastic plastic)

Four Cylinder Injection Mechanism 
1.Provide extra high injection pressure up to 1.3 times that of a double cylinder structure.
2.Excellent for molding varied products.

Quality Proven Control Circuit
1.Adopt Microcomputer Control System for special purpose provides accuracy and stability.
2.Molding data could be saved to USB flash drivers.
3.PID Temperature Control Module assures maximum stability and accuracy.
4.Equipped with Position Transducer precisely satisfy various requirements.
5.Can be expanded online function with personal computer in order to reach the management of injection molding data for each machine.

High Efficient And Accuracy Closed Loop On Injection Unit (optional) 
1.Fits for extra thin and extra precise product.
2.Closed loop control system with Accumulator completes high precision and stable operation while injecting at very high speed.
3.Accumulator with four-cylinder injection decreases the resistance of oil return in order to increase injecting speed.

Precision And Stable Injection Slideway 
1.Linear Guide Rail for injection unit.
2.Precision and stable injection unit ensures the stability of screw rotation and injection.

Superior Toggle Mechanism 
1.Box type of Movable Platen decreases deformation and enhances product quality remarkably.
2.Front fitting Clamping Cylinder which has shortened machine length significantly.
3.Superior outward bending Toggle for stable mold opening and closing with fast speed and bigger opening stroke.

High Anti-Corrosion And Anti-Wear Bimetallic Barrel (optional)
1.Bimetallic Barrel suits the material with properties of corrosion and wear.
2.It extends the operation life of the barrels.

Structure Of Mold Fixing 
1.O Slack increases the strength of platen instead of T Slack easy to fix mold and protect slack from damage. 

Semicircle Structure of Toggle
1.Coaxial machining on those platen, holes of Toggle Pin and Tie Bar conducting increase great precision.
2.Toggle Pins are fixed by Screws and it makes assembly easier and faster.

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