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Hwa Chin Story

Hwa Chin Machinery Co., Ltd. originated in 1970. Formerly known as Rui xing Machinery Factory, the main insects are the manufacture of hydraulic machinery and injection machinery.
The company was renamed Hwa Chin Machinery Co., Ltd. in 1979 and moved to the current company headquarters in 1982.To produce high-performance plastic injection molding machines is our goal. In 1993, in order to accelerate industrial upgrading, the company established a 3000-square-meter "Zhong cheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Tainan Factory".
We also purchased Japanese-made floor-type boring and milling machine comprehensive processing machines, CNC automatic lathes, etc. Advantages of processing raw materials. In order to cope with the expansion of the business area, Hwa Chin Machinery continued to expand its plant in 2000, and expanded the plant of 2,000 square meters in He Shun Industrial Park to establish the "Hwa Chin Machinery Co., Ltd. Tainan Factory" to continue the improvement plan. And in 2003 successfully developed an all-electric plastic injection-molding machine. In 2014, the team of Hwa Chin successfully developed an all-electric machine with External Toggle, which increased the mold wall, mold opening stroke, and improved the inject speed and positioning accuracy, which is suitable for the production of high-end injection products. In 2015, we successfully developed a large-scale two-platen injection-molding machine, an all-electric two-color injection molding machine, an electric servo turntable and a rotating shaft system. The production line has that moved to a new plant covering an area of 7,200 square meters-Hwa Chin Annan Factory, and the original Hwa Chin Tainan Factory and Tainan Factory were integrated. Centralize management to improve the operating environment and enhance the international competitiveness of products. Hwa Chin Machinery takes the idea of creating innovative and high-quality products as its philosophy, combined with an excellent R&D team. In addition to continuous innovation, the company also strictly controls the quality of products to enhance corporate value and international competitiveness to achieve the goal of sustainable operation.

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