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About Hwa Chin

Hwa Chin Machinery Factory Co., Ltd., was founded in 1966 With over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of plastic injection molding machines, Hwa Chin has maintained its position as a leader in Taiwan through innovation, quality and technology. Since the company's establishment, Hwa Chin has been dedicated to the pursuit of technological leadership. This drive has produced a remarkable number of innovations and Hwa Chin plastic injection molding machine integrate many fine and patented features.




Ingenious Machine- Made Philosophy


Energy-Saving Injection Machine with Servo Pump

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Injection Machine with Servo Pump - Wide Platen

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Energy-Saving Dual Color Injection Machine

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Cellphone Case 




Pipe Fitting 

Terminal Block 

Focus on quality ,Marketing worldwide

Various series of plastic injection machine products produced by the company,
Adhere to the spirit of ingenuity-precision, accuracy, sturdiness and plainness,
And the diversified original technology has long been trusted by customers to have a vast market.
Coupled with a full range of services to meet customer production needs at any time,
It is also the best partner for customer business profitability