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DC-SE / DCW-SE Series

Download: 「DC-SE / DCW-SE Series Energy Saving Dual Color Injection Molding Machine」

DC-SE / DCW-SE Series Energy Saving Dual Color Injection Molding Machine
Products’ Features (Thermoplastic plastic)

Simple And Clear CRT Operation Panel
1.Dust protective and user friendly button.
2.Icon Panel and digital display makes operating and data setting clear and easily.
3.Input/Output status monitor and fault display makes maintenance easier.

Mold Turning System
1.Turning system has either rotational plate or rotational axle which can be suited with various dual color mold.
2.Precise mechanism for fixed position is suited with high precision products.
3.Rotation system is possessed high-speed, smooth and impact free movement.

Independent Convenient And Precision Ejection Device
1.Adopt (front,middle,rear) three Ejection Cylinders with individual Position Transducer.
2.Front and rear Cylinders equipped with independent hydraulic circuit to meet customers requirement.

High Efficient And Precision Closed Loop Injection Unit (optional)
1.Suitable for thin and extra precise product.
2.Closed loop control system with Accumulator completes high precision and stable operation while injecting at very speed.
3.Accumulator with four cylinder injection decreases the resistance of oil return in order to increase injecting speed.

In-Built Lubrication Apertures
1.No external piping and easy maintenance.

Semicircle Structure Of Toggle
1.Coaxial machining on Platen, Hole of Toggle Pin and Tie Bar increase great precision.
2.Toggle Pins are fixed by screws. This allows easier and faster assemble and maintenance.

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Dual color molding machine|DC-SE / DCW-SE Series